Throughout the seasons life at Billnäs Gård centres around immersive, nature-focused experiences, from forest walks and golf to backcountry skiing just five minutes away. Take time for mindful walks through the village, or stand-up paddleboarding along the river; explore nearby hiking trails or partake in outdoor activities like picnics and fishing. The property is also home to two beloved donkeys, Lugn & Ro (Calm and Peace), adding to the charm of the surroundings, plus an old fire station currently being restored for 2024, and stables across the road where guests can engage in art classes, craft workshops, and gardening sessions.

Both Billnäs village and the neighbouring Fiskars village offer abundant opportunities to explore the region's cultural heritage, art, and design events. Guests can explore via bike (both regular and electric) or car, finding a collection of charming craft shops and restaurants offering Finnish delicacies. Winter at Billnäs Gård offers a unique and enchanting experience where guests can soak up the magical snowy landscape with a cup of hot tea by the crackling fire, or a warm session in the meditation spa after a day’s sledging, ice skating or skiing.

Creative and Cultural Exploration:

Enrich Your Senses

Featured Experiences

Interactive Art Workshops

Cultural Visits to Local Artisans and Museums

Historical Tours of the Ruukki Area

As the day brightens, dive into the rich cultural tapestry of Billnäs Gård. Unleash your creativity in our Oil Painting Workshop or shape your memories in clay at the Ceramics Workshop.

Wander through time on our Guided Historical Tour and feel the stories of the past come alive.

Afternoon Adventures: Discover the Joy

of the Outdoors

Featured Experiences

Guided Outdoor Activities and Nature Walks

Culinary Adventures with Local Ingredients

Relaxing Afternoon Tea in the Garden

After a morning of tranquil pursuits, the afternoon calls for adventure.

Explore the rustic countryside on our Land Rover Dumbo, or take a leisurely ride down the river with the standup paddle boards. For the more contemplative, join a Guided Mushroom Foraging Excursion in our lush forests.

Evening Indulgence: A Symphony of Flavors and Relaxation

Featured Experiences

Gourmet Dining and Tasting Sessions

Relaxing Spa and Wellness Treatments

Evening Entertainment with Local Artists

As the sun sets, indulge in an array of culinary delights. Our Chef’s Four-Course Menu is a journey through local flavors and seasonal ingredients.

Unwind with a Wine Tasting Experience, or for a unique twist, partake in our Dinner Blindfolded adventure, where your senses are your guide.

Nighttime Enchantment: Under the Nordic Stars

Featured Experiences

Stargazing and Nighttime Nature Walks

Live Music and Performances

Luxurious Nightcaps and Cozy Gatherings

End your day under the starlit sky of Billnäs. Enjoy intimate music performances or engage in quiet reflection with a Mindful Night Walk.

Embrace the stillness of the night and let the peaceful ambiance lull you into a world of dreams.


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