Looking for memorable moments?

You're welcome to take smaller or larger groups to the beautiful Billnäs Gård for strategy days, sustainability day or leadership workshops.

Come and host celebrations like weddings, birthdays and other milestones.

We will be also organising heartfelt events such as yoga retreats, art workshops, themed dinners and curated discussions. Get in touch if you want to organize your own event at Billnäs Gård!


By the river, the villa looks down at the ironworks

next to the stable and forest.


Enjoy yoga in the oval room and become more mindful by learning new ways to ground yourself to keep focus and make more conscious decisions.

Billnäs Gård allows you to focus on what matters and reconnect with your team and yourself.

We take care of everything. You'll eat well, have IT that works, and play together to create common memories.

All in a beautiful environment to lift you up to a more conscious plane.

Three event rooms can accommodate up to 70 people for dinners.Two secondary rooms can be used for small

groups of 6 people.

The study is equipped with everything you need for workshops, and large post-it surfaces. To make sure hybrid meetings work well, we have a stable fibre-optic internet connection, a beautiful 85-inch screen, optional access to an A3 printer, and a high-quality video conference audio-video system.

Business Retreats & Kick-offs

We organise different types and lengths of business retreats.

Get in touch!



Look out the room windows at the beautiful scenery and the new chapter.

The manor was designed for new chapters.

Weddings, birthdays & other milestones.

We provide high-quality service to ensure you can relax and fully focus on what matters most.

The timeless yet fresh interior gives both

a safe and inpiring feeling.

Fresh flowers & natural materials are used throughout the building and play a very important role in the energy in the house as they bring their healing properties... from sheets to the paint chosen to improve the air quality, tactile experience and electric grounding.


We organise different types and lengths of celebrations - Birthdays, Weddings & other milestones.

Get in touch!



Dumbo will give you a ride from the train station if you come by train!

Located 62min from Helsinki, Billnäs Gård is not too close or not too far.

It is also in the heart of Billnäs Village, giving walking access to the cultural Ironworks, its events and the Chocolate Factory.

Being 3km from the Karjaa railway station, both train or car rides are smooth - no small curvy roads to get there.

Located conveniently close to Nordcenter golf course and the stables across the road make it easy to find activities that best suit the group's needs.

A Horse Galloping

The stables within walking distance are an example of the diversity of activities available.

The forest is all around the cultural Billnäs, allowing us

to provide wonderful forest healing and picking experiences.

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Vasarasepäntie 42

10330 Raasepori

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Focus becomes the guiding flame, illuminating the path to clarity and mindful presence.

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