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Billnäs Gård is a new design-led hospitality and wellbeing concept located an hour’s train and car ride from Helsinki, Finland operating as part wellbeing-focused boutique hotel and part private hire and retreat space intermittently throughout the year.

Whether booked out as a private rental for a family or corporate event, or filled with solo travellers, couples and friends enjoying celebratory getaways, guests can explore the lush surrounding forests and benefit from a programme of optional, rejuvenating activities designed to realign them with themselves and nature.

By the river, the villa looks down at the ironworks

next to the stable and forest.

Riverside Surroundings

Perched on the Svartå River in the heart of the ancient Billnäs ironworks and surrounded by pristine nature, the spectacular Mediterranean-style property offers a seamless blend of wellness, creative and adventure pursuits enveloped in bespoke, modern luxury.


Three event rooms can accommodate up to 70 people for dinners.Two secondary rooms can be used for small groups of 6 people.

Roots in culture, design & wellbeing

Dating back to 1912, the property features six bookable guest rooms each with a private bathroom, accommodating up to 12-14 guests in total.

During the summer months, guests can spend the night in a cosy cabin by the river, offering a more private and rustic experience. A lush garden features a heated saltwater pool providing a picturesque setting for complete relaxation and rejuvenation at the rivershore. A subterranean spa-cum-meditation space features soft heated concrete benches, a sauna, and a herbal bathtub housed within a candlelit historical structure - all vibrating as a binaural healing soundscape.

The manor's distinctive décor, design, ambience, and gardens are rooted in sustainable design principles and a natural color scheme; creating an ambiance that's at once harmonious, welcoming, and luxurious. The interior design by Taina Snellman-Langenskiöld, emphasizes sustainability: via natural materials, a color palette inspired by natural pigments, vintage furniture, and timeless design classics.

Guest Rooms

Each of the six guest rooms in the villa showcases distinct visuals and ambiance.

Every guest room features a private bathroom. Two of the rooms are equipped with kitchenettes. The "Studio Blue" room includes a play corner for children.

Family experiences are considered with the utmost care and detail, with babysitting services available. Toys, games and other activities are available for the small guests both in the room and also in the restaurant area.

One guest room i specially designed to accommodate dogs.

The Garden

You need to smell it, hear it & feel it.

The medicinal plants, the birds & the symetrical plan will rest your brain, while the village energy will keep you connected to reality.

The lower garden gives you more room to the wilder nature as well as access to the river for a cold plunge or excursions like Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) or rowing with our cute .



The Food

At Billnäs Gård, we offer healthy, home-style cuisine that blends Finnish and French culinary traditions, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our culinary philosophy, "simple is beautiful," is about using clean, pure ingredients and flavors that highlight the region's character. Animal welfare is a priority for us. We serve only wild game from local forests or meat from carefully selected, small-scale local farmers. Organic porridge in the morning is served with locally foraged berries, while hearty soups and salads use locally picked mushrooms and freshly grown vegetables. Breads are baked in-house, high-quality meat is sourced from the area, and local fishermen provide the daily catch.

Cooking courses are available to help guests savour the slow life and appreciate the joy of each bite in the property’s sun-filled dining spaces. Additional healthy flavours are available seasonally, from wild herbs via tea made with foraged leaves and a chaga morning shot.

We are committed to accommodating special dietary needs and happily serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all our guests.




Living in Harmony with your Self & Surrounding

We go beyond the traditional hospitality concept by incorporating design into both the property and our curated guest services like The Life Academy programme (Livsakademi).

This unique holistic initiative spearheaded by Chris Langenskiöld also works in collaboration with his wide network of experienced wellbeing professionals from different fields.

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Body & Mind
  • Nature
  • Community

Through events, retreats, rituals, and life design tools, Livsakademi promotes mindfulness, harmony and sustainability with immersive experiences such as yoga, communal dining, horse riding, art and design.


Our customers describe the experience of stepping into the Meditation Spa as “it feels like stepping into a church” - the ancient structure, the candles, the soundscape, the energy.

This immersive and multi-sensorial experience will transport you through time and space.

The spa is used for gentle saunas, relaxing massages, detoxifying herbal baths or guided meditations to relax and slow down.

(Reserved for groups or hotel-guests only)


The saltwater pool - gentle on your skin and hair - helps you relax in summer at 29°C and helps you improve your mood and stress in winter at with colder bathing into 8-18°C.

Seasonal activities

Throughout the seasons, life at Billnäs Gård centres around immersive, nature-focused experiences, from forest walks and golf to backcountry skiing just five minutes away. Take time for mindful walks through the village, or stand-up paddleboarding along the river; explore nearby hiking trails or partake in outdoor activities like picnics and fishing. The property is also home to two beloved donkeys, Lugn & Ro (Calm and Peace), adding to the charm of the surroundings, plus an old fire station currently being restored for 2024, and stables across the road where guests can engage in art classes, craft workshops, and gardening sessions.

Both Billnäs village and the neighbouring Fiskars village offer abundant opportunities to explore the region's cultural heritage, art, and design events. Guests can explore via bike (both regular and electric) or car, finding a collection of charming craft shops and restaurants offering Finnish delicacies. Winter at Billnäs Gård offers a unique and enchanting experience where guests can soak up the magical snowy landscape with a cup of hot tea by the crackling fire, or a warm session in the meditation spa after a day’s sledging, ice skating or skiing.


Private Events

Staff remain on site whether the property’s multiple common spaces are being used for private parties (accommodating up to 70 guests inside the house, and up to 100 outside), or larger scale meetings, events and celebrations. Billnäs Gård is also available for private hire upon request, with or without a curated holistic wellness programme.

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Each breath becomes a sacred dance, harmonising the rhythm of life within.

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