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Summer 2024

7.6.2024-31.8.2024 | Overnight

Summer Hotel

Summer Pop-Up Kiosk

Kuplia ja Vohveleita. Flûtes & Fleurs: Kiosque de Champagne & Waffle

09-10.08.2024 | Overnight ​

Livsakademi Summer

Petite Yoga Retreat

with Julia Hackzell

7.6.2024-30.9.2024 | Overnight

Golfers Get Away

Billnäs Gård & Nordcenter

2.7., 3.7., 8.7., 9.7.2024 | Event

Livsakademi Pottery Workshop - Genie’s Lamp

with Atelje By

Autumn 2024

20-21.09.2024 | Overnight

20.-21.9.2024 | Overnight​


Petite Detox Retreat

with Sara Nöjd & Chris Langenskiöld

11.-12.10.2024 | Overnight

Livsakademi Autumn

Petite Yoga Retreat

with Julia Hackzell

13.9.2024-27.9.2024 | Overnight

Autumn Hotel

18.10.2024-4.11.2024 | Overnight

Late Autumn Hotel

Family Walking Hiking Trail

8.11.2024-10.11.2024 | Overnight

Father’s Day Weekend

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Sustainable living & working



Summer Pop-Up

Kuplia ja Vohveleita.

Kiosque de Champagne & Waffles

Bubbles & Waffles terrace

Open (No Reservation needed)

June 14-15, 18-19, 28-29,

July 1-5, 8-13, 15-17, 23-25, 30-31

August 1-2, 5-10, 12-15, 21-22, 27-30

Opening hours: 11-17.30


in bad weather / säävaraus

Our Flûtes & Fleurs offers bubbles, waffles, homemade ice creams and a variety of refreshing drinks like Champagne in our garden terrace area.

One of the founders, Chris, spent many summers of his childhood on the Atlantic coast of France, in Arcachon near Bordeaux. There, he discovered the world's best waffles at a charming kiosk run by the same family for three generations. They served the amazing waffles with crème de marron, creating an unforgettable taste experience. Chris dreamed of bringing these beloved waffles to Billnäs Gård. Finally, on the first day of this summer, his dream came true. We are proud to offer you a taste of Chris' cherished childhood memories right here at Billnäs Gård.

P.S. Really hungry? Lunch and à la carte seats are available on the same days – book your table via our website or by email.

Parking & Arrival

You can use our large Parking area is on the other side of the Billnäs Allén, next to our red donkey stables.

You can easily also take a train on the bus to Karjaa station from Helsinki or Turku. We are located 2.8 km from the train station and we can also arrange a pick-up from the train with our Senior Land Rover Dumbo.

You can find the terrace area next to our Main Building, with a cute kiosk and sitting area.


Pottery workshops

- Geni’s Lamp


Tue 2.7.2024 at 10:00-13:00

Wed 3.7.2024 at 10:00-13:00

Mon 8.7.2024 at 10:00-13:00 (7-12 years-old kids welcome)

Tue 9.7.2024 at 10:00-13:00

Price: 155€/pers & 89€ / child.

Meaningful Encounters, Talks on Art and Design & Clay Workshop

In the Genie’s Lamp ceramic workshop you will design and create your own lamp from clay under the guidance of artist and designer Mari Isopahkala.

During the claywork process, you will write a message on a piece of paper to be placed inside the lamp. This message is the “genie” in the lamp, symbolizing the meaning, thought, or idea you want to remember whenever you light up your lamp.

The content of the workshop is curated by Atelje By and takes place in the beautiful manor surroundings of Billnäs Gård. The day retreat also includes a three-course lunch served in the garden or halls of Billnäs Gård manor. During lunch Mari Isopahkala will host talks about the significance of art, design, and beauty.

Booking & Cancellation

Event tickets are paid at the time of the reservation. Cancellations without charge latest two weeks before the event start, after this we will charge 100% of the package price.

For Kids participating, just book the amount of adults and make a comment that you have a child with you, their fee is 89€. We’ll invoice that part when you are here.

Lampun henki - keramiikkapaja

Kohtaamisia kädet savessa & keskusteluja taiteesta ja muotoilusta

Lampun henki-keramiikkapajassa muotoilet ja valmistat oman valaisimen savesta taiteilija ja muotoilija Mari Isopahkalan ohjauksessa.

Lampun sisään kirjoitetaan tekovaiheessa viesti paperilapulle. Viesti, eli “lampun henki”, symboloi sitä merkitystä, ajatusta tai ideaa, jonka haluat muistaa aina kun sytytät valaisimeen valon.

Keramiikkapajan sisällöstä vastaa Atelje By ja se toteutetaan Billnäs Gårdin kauniissa kartanomaisemassa. Päiväretriittiin kuuluu myös kolmen ruokalajin lounas Billnäs Gårdin puutarhassa tai saleissa. Lounaan aikana vaihdetaan ajatuksia taiteen, muotoilun ja kauneuden merkityksestä.

8.7.2024 päiväretriiteistämme on avoin ja suunniteltu myös

perheen 7-12 vuotiaille .

Varaukset sekä peruutukset

Tapahtumalippu ostetaan etukäteen. Peruutukset veloituksetta kaksi viikkoa ennen tapahtuman alkua, tämän jälkeen veloitamme 100% lipun hinnasta.

Lapset osallistuvat 8.7.2024, varaa vain aikuisten määrä ja kirjoita kommenttiin, että sinulla on lapsi mukana. Lapsen maksu on 89€. Laskutamme sen osan, kun olet täällä.

BOOK 2.7. or 3.7.

BOOK 8.7. or 9.7.

Beauty at

the heart of Billnäs Village

The villa, the garden, the food and the activities are all designed to help you start new chapters.

By the river, the villa looks down at the old ironworks

next to the stable and forest.

Beautiful old oaks surround the manor

We believe that wellbeing is strengthened by a beautiful & timeless environment.

The facilities will help you relax and enjoy memorable times.



A School of Life

We are curating & creating ways for people to slow down and reconnect with their Self & their surroundings.

Rituals, Retreats, Workshops & Talks.


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Each breath becomes a sacred dance, harmonising the rhythm of life within.

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