Ways for people to slow down and reconnect

Not everybody is into yoga, but we believe that we all need a form of mindfulness, exercise, self-reflection & breathwork.

We propose a holistic yet simple way for people to find and integrate their yoga.

We design multi sensorial journeys that help people feel safe and relax, so they can go deep into transformation.

Key Elements

Masterclasses, Retreats &Talks


Transformation to raise your consciousness

Coaching & Workshops

Life Design

Help to design a more harmonous life

Raise your consciousness


Come and experience them at Billnäs Gård


We run heads down through a big part of our life, without looking around us or noticing that our nose is badly bleeding.

With pleasure, we invite you to come experience moments, events and retreats to stop, expand our consciousness and have a wonderful time.

We design & facilitate events both for private groups as well as open public to book, in the form of masterclasses, workshops, dinner club, retreats.

We address topics such as work-life balance, nutrition, parenting, mental & physical wellbeing, values, among other things.

Open Events

Ways to help you to reconnect with your Self & your surrounding.

A Rolled Yoga Mat

28.-29.6.2024 | Overnight

Livsakademi Summer

Petite Yoga Retreat

with Julia Hackzell

20.-21.9.2024 | Overnight


Feel & Eat Good Retreat

A Rolled Yoga Mat

11.-12.10.2024 | Overnight

Livsakademi Autumn

Petite Yoga Retreat

with Julia Hackzell


Rituals, like dances of the heart,

weave the joyous tapestry of human connection.

Since the dawn of time, rituals have been part of our societies - to help us face changes in nature, our society and our lives; but also to strengthen our values.

Rituals, whether in daily routines or significant life events, play a crucial role in fostering connection, alleviating anxiety, and adding meaning and joy to our lives.

At Billnäs Gård, we believe in the power of rituals. That is why we have embedded them in our ways. From the way we greet our guests, to how we stop and celebrate big birthdays or how we start and end our days.

Life Rituals

Ways to help you to reconnect with your Self & your surrounding.


There are ways to start things, to predispose us for success. Present, aligned and motivated.


Birthdays are the ideal moment not only to celebrate and reconnect with your dear ones, but also to look back, reflect and look forward.


Teams, families and friends need frequently meet in person to create shared memories and reconnect.


Everything has a start and an end. It is important to have clear closure to start anew.

Daily Rituals

Ways to help you to reconnect with your Self & your surrounding during the day.


Listen to the silence, your body & your feelings. Acknowledge. Feel the water flow. Feel the rhythm of the Breath. Define & anchor your intention.


Put down your pencil, your phone. Change position, Breath & Let go. Drink a glass of water or a cup of tea. Splash your face. Re-anchor yourself. Continue.


Listen to the silence. Reflection & gratitude. Sharing. Drink a cup of tea.

Based on our cornerstones

The cornerstones (water, breath & focus) play an essential role in our rituals, as we beleive that these are the key for harmony.


Water serves as the purifying elixir, cleansing both body and spirit with its rejuvenating flow.


Each breath becomes a sacred dance, harmonising the rhythm of life within.


Focus becomes the guiding flame, illuminating the path to clarity and mindful presence.

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Each breath becomes a sacred dance, harmonising the rhythm of life within.

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